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When you choose to work with K. Mitchell Law, PLLC, you are choosing to work with a compassionate Boise adoption lawyer who will help you find a child who fits your family. Adoption can be an exciting legal action for all parties involved and we will work closely with you to ensure you complete this process correctly. There are many legal forms involved in this process that, if completed incorrectly, could set you back to square one. With our attorney by your side, you have the best chance of completing this process quickly and easily.

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Laws & Qualifications for Adopting a Child in Idaho

Any adult is legally allowed to adopt a child in Idaho as long as:

  • They are 25 or older (or at least 15 years older than the child they adopt)
  • Have a stable source of income to support a child
  • Have space to provide a safe environment for the child
  • Complete an approved home study
  • Pass a fingerprint background check

If adopting parents have contact with the birth mother while she is pregnant, they can provide medical and living expenses to the mother up to 6 weeks after she has given birth. If the mother decides to revoke her consent for the adoption, she may have to reimburse the prospective adoptive parents.

The Adoption Process

Individuals and families who pursue adoption in Idaho can complete the process privately, through a state agency, a public agency, or an independent facilitator. However, if you wish to adopt a child internationally, you are legally prohibited from doing so privately.

Once the child has been selected, the next step is to bring the child into your home. A social worker will perform follow up studies for at least 6 months to ensure the adoption is working for all parties involved. Additionally, the adopting parents must finalize the divorce by completing a legal hearing. This hearing will evaluate if the adoption occurred in a legal and ethical manner and determine whether to issue a final adoption decree. After the decree is issued, the adopted parents are the legal parents of the child and any claim the birth parents may have to the child is terminated as well as their parental rights.

A Compassionate Adoption Attorney in Boise

The adoption process can seem daunting and complex, but with an experienced adoption attorney by your side, you are setting yourself up for success. At K. Mitchell Law, PLLC, our lawyer cares deeply for all our clients. Not only does she take the time to get to know each client and their unique situation, but she works on completing each case personally. Our lawyer is here for you during this exciting time in your life and is qualified to help you legally expand your family.

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