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Is Idaho a No Fault Divorce State?

Yes, Idaho is a ‘no-fault’ divorce state which means that either party does not need to cite the reasoning for the divorce upon filing the document. However, you may provide fault grounds if you choose.

Grounds for Divorce in Idaho

  • Adultery
  • Excessive cruelty
  • Desertion (one spouse lives apart from the other for more than a year with the intention of leaving the marriage)
  • Neglect
  • Felony convictions
  • Confinement in a mental institution for at least 3 years

You may also file for divorce if you have been separated and lived apart for at least 5 consecutive years. Once you have completed the above steps, you must send a copy of the paperwork to your spouse.

If they disagree with any part of the document, they can file paperwork that details their side of the issue. If this occurs, the divorce is considered contested and you may have to complete the process before a court.

What Marital Property Can Be Divided?

One of the most contested aspects of divorce is the division of marital property. Idaho is a community property state which means that all assets and debts acquired during the course of the marriage are considered to belong to both spouses.

Some couples can determine who should retain certain assets and debts, while others may have a harder time. Whether you are able to accomplish this with your spouse or need court intervention, there are 3 steps to the process.

These steps are:

  1. Determine whether property is separate or community
  2. Determine the value of each piece of property
  3. Determine how to divide the property

Some separate property can be considered community property if both spouses contributed to the maintenance of the property.

For example, if one spouse bought a home before they got married, but both contribute to the mortgage using their sources of income, the court could consider the home as community property. If this occurs, the spouse who bought the home could buy out the other spouse’s share.

Marital debt must also be divided upon divorce. However, creditors do not often honor these legal arrangements and if the party responsible for paying the debt does not uphold the agreement the creditor may go after the other party for payment.

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