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While it may seem like a straightforward legal process, name changes can be complex. At K. Mitchell Law, PLLC, our Boise name change lawyer will guide you through the entire process and ensure you don’t skip a step or forget to complete any relevant paperwork. We understand the laws concerning this action and will do everything we can to secure a positive outcome to your situation.

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Summary of Name Change Laws for Adults in Idaho

In Idaho, a legal adult who has good cause to change their name may do so. However, they must file a petition for name change with the court whose jurisdiction they reside.

This petition includes:

  • current name
  • residence
  • place of birth
  • proposed new name
  • reasoning behind changing the current name

After filing the petition and the fee, the court will set up a hearing at least 6 weeks after the date of filing. Additionally, the court will issue a notice of the hearing that the petitioner must publish in local publications at least once a week for 4 weeks.

If there are no objections filed concerning the name change, the court will proceed with the hearing. This is usually an informal process where a judge will hear any objections and determine whether to grant the name change or not. If the court agrees to legally change the petitioner’s name, the judge will sign the order and the name is changed.

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