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At K. Mitchell Law, PLLC in Boise, our child support lawyer understands the legal complexities and challenges of creating a payment plan. We can help you ensure your arrangement meets the stringent Idaho guidelines and will effectively support your child.

Our attorney will work closely with you to determine the appropriate amount of money for the plan and create a payment schedule that works best for all parties involved.

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Idaho Child Support Guidelines

Child support in Idaho is governed by guidelines that consider:

  • the income of each party
  • the child custody arrangement
  • the number and ages of children involved.

If you are paying support for other children or have other children living with you, or if you claim the children for either Federal or State tax exemptions, this can also impact your child support.

The court may deviate from the guidelines for many reasons, including but not limited to when the court attributes or imputes income to a parent, if the parties have a nontraditional child custody arrangement, if the parties agree that they do not want wish to receive/pay child support, or if it is in the best interests of the child.

When determining the amount of support each parent is responsible for, the court utilizes a calculation system known as the "Income Shares Model." This is an estimation of the amount of money both parents would spend on the child if they lived in the same home.

The amount is divided between both parents and the non-custodial parent is responsible for giving their share of the payment directly to the custodial parent.

Collecting & Enforcing Child Support Orders

While a child support order is a legal obligation, sometimes the non-custodial parent chooses to not make their payments. Whether this is due to the fact that the non-custodial parent cannot afford to make payments, or they do not wish to, they must uphold the agreement or face legal repercussions.

If you are a custodial parent and are having trouble getting the other parent to pay child support, you should never take the matter into your own hands.

It is best practice to contact a Boise child support attorney who can help you seek legal action against the other parent and collect delinquent payments.

Here to Help You Establish a Solid Payment Arrangement

If you searching for a family law attorney in Boise to help you create and/or enforce a child support agreement, search no further. K. Mitchell Law, PLLC will work closely with you to determine the best arrangement for your circumstances.

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